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A pathway out of the pandemic

A pathway out of the pandemic

The pandemic has created one of the biggest challenges to children’s mental health we've faced for some time – you can help put children back onto the right path.

In the last three years, rates of mental illness in under-18s have risen by half. Out of half a million children and young people that are referred to child and adolescent mental health services each year, only one in four receives the help they need.

But there's a solution. We place highly trained, dedicated counsellors inside schools to work alongside teaching staff and offer direct access to children who need help, as well as support for their families.

I’m delighted to say Amelia is now completely different from when I first met her. She still gets anxious, and still has ‘moments’ – but she has the confidence now to recognise those, and ways she can deal with them herself. Amelia's Place2Be Counsellor

We offer a confidential, safe space where pupils can share their problems and worries with someone who has time to listen – and the ability to provide real, practical help.

Help put children near you back onto the right path – donate to our appeal today.  



How your donations help

Children and young people use Place2Be for lots of different reasons. We see many children going through a family break-up, who are being bullied, or those who have recently suffered a bereavement – your donations can help provide accessible support for pupils in schools in the following ways:

  • £15.88 covers the average cost of a child attending a ‘Place2Talk’ session – a drop-in service available to any child in a Place2Be partner school, providing a safe space to share their worries.
  • £53.60 could pay for one child to have a private, one-to-one session with their Place2Be Counsellor. These sessions offer pupils the chance to discuss – often for the first time – the difficult things in their life.
  • Overall, it costs Place2Be around £8,000 to set up a new service in a school, and every gift we receive provides an opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life.

Your donation can help children and young people get the support they need to be on the pathway out of the pandemic and on the path to a happy, successful future.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the charity to every school in the UK. Rebecca, School Business Manager

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