Swiss Re: Why vote for Place2Be?

A partnership with Swiss Re would enable us to work in 15 schools in London and Folkestone reaching 6,000 children with early-intervention mental health support.


Children’s Mental Health Matters

  • 1 in 10 children has a mental health problem such as anxiety or depression – that’s three in every classroom.

  • 75% of those with lifetime mental health problems first experience symptoms by the age of 18, yet we spend just 6% of the mental health bill on children.

  • We know that without intervention, childhood mental health problems quite literally grow up with the child and escalate into bigger problems later in life such as homelessness, addiction and unemployment.

Child quote

Swiss Re can help change the lives of over 6,000 children

Without support, children facing life’s biggest challenges can easily go off the rails. Our counselling services help stop the downward spiral, resulting in happier children who find it easier to engage with school and their learning – and ultimately happier, healthier grown-ups.

Last year 82% of the most vulnerable children had improved mental health as a result of Place2Be intervention.

You will fund Place2Be in 15 schools in London & Folkestone providing:

  • One to one counselling
  • Vital break-time sessions with a counsellor available for all children
  • Support for parents and teachers.


This partnership is about more than just money

We’d love your expertise too! From chocolate trading games in your offices and career workshops, we need you to inspire children and help raise their aspirations for the future. We will also deliver Mental Health Lunch and Learn seminars on parenting, building resilience and managing stress for Swiss Re staff at your offices.

You could also see first-hand the difference your money will make by visiting local Place2Be schools and have fun by taking part in fundraising events for Place2Be.

Please vote for Place2Be

Together we can change young lives.