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FAQs for Senior Mental Health Leads Training

Is it all online? 

All aspects of the training are delivered online. Some elements are self-directed on our learning platform and some are live, real-time sessions on Zoom with our trainers leading the learning. 

Who is it for? 

Our programme is designed for anyone in a school or sixth form college in England, who has taken on the role of leading mental health across the whole school. You will learn about the principles of leading mental health and putting in place a whole-school approach, and you will have opportunities to apply those principles to your context. If you aren’t already on the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), you will need their support and a spot for regular reporting on the SLT agenda.  

If the following apply, please contact us directly to discuss whether this programme will meet your needs:   

  • If you hold a different role 
  • If you are applying from an FE college or Special School 

I’m not the designated Senior Mental Health lead but I'm willing to self-fund this programme. Can I register? 

We would encourage you to get the backing of your school to fund the programme.  

In order to be successful on this programme, you will need the full backing of your Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team, as shown by their commitment to fund attendance on the programme. In the meantime, you may find our free Mental Health Champions-Foundation programme of interest. 

I work at an Independent school, or a school in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. Can I register? 

In order to qualify for grant funding from England’s Department for Education (DfE), this programme has been designed to fulfil their requirements and it is aimed at state schools in England. While the leadership elements, together with the mental health learning through case studies and scenarios, will be applicable for all, the language and references to education policy will be England specific. 

Schools interested in undertaking the programme from the Independent sector, or from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, would need to fund a participant from existing school budgets and on the understanding that the content and trainers currently approach the learning through the English state education system lens.  

I work in an early years setting, can I apply for the Department of Education's training grant? 

The training grant will not be available for leaders of early years settings. However, we’d expect a senior mental health lead to develop their whole school approach to mental health, to meet the needs of all children and young people within their setting, which may include reception years. 

What is the cost of the programme? 

From September 2021, the Department for Education is offering grants of up to £1,200 to eligible state schools and colleges in England for Senior Mental Health Leads training.

The full grant is designed to include cover for participants. 

The cost of the Place2Be programme is £800 per participant. 

You can confirm your eligibility and apply through the online grant application form.

If you intend to apply for a grant, you must apply before booking your place on our Senior Mental Health Leads programme. Later on, you will also need to submit evidence (your confirmation email/receipt/invoice) of your booking to the DfE so your grant payment can be authorised.

How much time will the course take?  

We estimate the total contact time commitment across the 12 weeks of this training programme to be 23-25 hours depending on whether you opt to attend the small group reflective sessions. The programme is composed of four different elements as follows: 

  • 4 facilitated modules within our online learning environment 
  • 4 online real-time live interactive group sessions
  • 2 individual consultations bespoke to you and your school 
  • Optional: 2 small group reflective sessions 

Each module in our online learning environment includes activities and is flexible as it allows you to complete it whenever works best for you e.g., in 15-minute sections or all in one go. These online facilitated modules include preparation for the online real-time group sessions, so we encourage completing the relevant facilitated module ahead of the live interactive group sessions. 

The time you spend applying your learning in school will depend on your identified priorities and the needs of your role leading mental health. 

How many people from my school can sign up? 

The grants from the Department for Education facilitate one participant per school to join the course. If you wanted a second person to undertake the training, that would be at an additional cost to your school.  

How many people are in a cohort? 

There are a maximum of 30 participants per cohort and a maximum of 2 trainers per cohort

The small group reflective sessions will have a maximum of 6 participants. 

I’ve signed up but can’t register on Hive 

For all registration issues please email our partners at Hive Learning.

There are no groups starting on the date I would like to start 

We have scheduled regular start dates across the Autumn term, please check back for any dates that might work better for you. 

Accessibility and access 

You will need an internet-enabled device to take part in this programme. 

Our training programme meets the accessibility needs of learners, including satisfying statutory requirements for equalities, covering additional needs such as:  

  • Website content is easily navigated by using a keyboard
  • PDF forms accessible to screen readers
  • Resources able to be accessed by visually impaired people (strong colour contrast)
  • Recorded resources available with text transcript

Will I get a certificate?  

Yes, all participants who have completed the following elements of the training will receive a certificate:  

  • Completed 4 facilitated modules within our online learning environment 
  • Attended a minimum of 3 of the 4 online live interactive group sessions. You must attend session 1, session 4 and at least one of sessions 2 and 3. 
  • Attended 2 individual consultations bespoke to you and your school 

What does the course cover? 

Details of the course can be found on our Senior Mental Health Leads training programme.

I’m a class teacher, would it be appropriate for me to take this programme? 

If you have been chosen by your Headteacher as the designated lead for mental health in your school, and you have the full support of your Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team for implementing school-wide change, then you will benefit from the programme. 

If you are interested in learning about mental health from a classroom perspective, you may find our Mental Health Champions - Foundation programme more suitable.

Would it be useful for a new mental health lead? 

The Senior Mental Health Leads training is an intermediate programme. Even if you are new to the senior mental health lead role, if you have the full support of your Senior Leadership Team, then you are welcome to register for the programme. 

Our Senior Mental Health Leads programme will support you to identify your school’s priorities and develop strategic approaches to addressing those needs. You will develop your own leadership within the frame of positive mental health and build a network, sharing best practice with peers from other schools. 

If you do not feel ready to undertake the Senior Mental Health Leads training straight away, then please do feel free to sign up for our Mental Health Champions - Foundation programme

If you would like to register for the Senior Mental Health Leads training programme at a later date, it is currently scheduled to run until March 2022. 

I’m the central lead for mental health in my multi-academy trust / federation, could we have a group for all our senior mental health leads? 

Please get in contact with us to have a conversation about your specific needs.  

If my school changes its mind about this training, can we cancel and have a refund? 

Once you’ve joined the programme and paid, we will not be able to offer a full or partial refund. Details will be available in the Programme Delivery Terms. 

I’ve started the programme with you and am changing roles / schools will I be able to continue? 

The grant funding from the Department for Education is for your school or setting to develop a whole-school approach to mental health, they will need to find someone to replace you on the programme in order to complete. If your new role requires you to lead mental health in another school, you will need to talk to your new school about funding a new place on the programme if you wish to complete. 

I’m changing schools, will my current school be able to get a refund? 

The grant funding from the Department for Education is for your school or setting to develop a whole-school approach to mental health. Once a school has signed up to our programme, we are not able to issue refunds. Your current school can ask for your replacement as Mental Health Lead to take your place on the programme in order to complete. 

If I don’t work in an applicable education setting, can I self-fund the training? 

Please refer to the Department for Education (DfE). If you are not currently working in a school or sixth form college in England, then you may not be eligible to receive the DfE funding. 

I previously signed up to free mental health lead training with Place2Be but the course was cancelled due to the pandemic. Can I resume the course for free?

We were previously able to offer the programme you refer to for free because we had funding from The Lord Mayor’s Appeal - that funding is no longer available.

In addition, this programme isn’t quite the same offer. It has been adapted to align with Department for Education criteria, and the requirement for the funding to be spent on training the Senior Mental Health Lead in a school or college. If you fulfil that role, perhaps you can speak to your Headteacher about using the grant available from the DfE to join one of our cohorts. If that isn’t part of your official role, the programme won’t be as relevant as the old version of the programme.

If you haven’t already done it, we do have the Mental Health Champions – Foundation programme for which we do still have funding and can offer you a free place.


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