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Education Scotland Webinars

Education Scotland Webinars

We are pleased to offer a series of webinars to all school staff across Scotland, funded by Education Scotland. The webinars will be delivered by our Clinical Training Team on the topics below over the coming months.


Please do book yourself onto the webinar(s) of your choice using the forms below. All webinars are 45-60 minutes long. Recordings will be available to watch here after delivery. The deadline to register for each webinar is three hours prior to the start time.

December 2020 - What is Mental Health?

This webinar will introduce the concept of mental health as part of the whole person. We will consider it in relation to other aspects of development and touch on what can happen when typical development is interrupted.  

We will introduce the element of responsibility for our own mental health as adults, with the topic of self-care to be picked up in the next webinar. 

Trainers: Sarah Houghton & Richard Kettley


January 2021 - Self-care and Recovery

In January we will pick up the theme of self-careWe look at some of the factors that impact on our mental health; when stress moves from motivational to disrupting our performance.  

We will look at the some of the current stressors that may be impacting your life and introduce some principles of self-care to support your wellbeing. 

Trainer: Bernadette Cahill


February 2021 - Anxiety: Tolerating uncertainty

In this webinar, we will take space to explore in more detail the nature of anxiety and how it might impact on you and by extension your students.  

The session will also include suggestions for reducing anxiety by taking active steps to find the ways that support your wellbeing.

Trainer: Frances Griffin


March 2021 - Supporting Loss: Bereavement and other losses

This webinar will explore loss and bereavement, not only focusing on the loss of losing somebody, but acknowledging the many losses people have experienced during the pandemic.  

It will also focus on how these losses can impact, drawing on grief models that look at physical, social, emotional and behavioural responses to loss. 

Trainer: Frances Griffin

MS Teams date: Thursday 11 March, 3pm - 4pm
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Zoom date: Monday 22 March, 4pm - 5pm
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April 2021 - Supportive Conversations: Listening with Empathy

This webinar will explore how to hold supportive conversations through the lens of empathy. We will consider with examples how we demonstrate empathy with friends and colleagues about difficult subjects (mental ill health, loss, anxiety, anger, grief). We cover barriers to empathy and how to support yourself while also supporting others.

Trainer: Richard Kettley

Zoom date: Monday 26 April, 4pm - 5pm
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MS Teams date: Thursday 29 April, 3pm - 4pm
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Find out more

For more on this webinar series please contact mhc@Place2Be.org.uk.